SAP IDocs Tcode Tables and Status codes in SAP


IDocs: Transaction Codes

 WE31 – IDocs segments

 WE30 – IDocs types

 WE60 – IDocs types documentation

 WE81 – Message types

 WE82 – IDocs Type / Message

 WE41 – Outbound process code

 WE42 – Inbound process code

 WE57 – Idoc assignment of Function Module with Message type 

              and idoc direction


 BD54  - Create logical system

 SCC4  - Assing logical system to client

 BD64 – Maintain Distribution Model and Distribute Views

 BD67 – Function modules for inbound ALE-EDI: details

 WE21 – Ports in IDoc processing

 SM59 – Create RFC Destination

 WE20 – Partner profiles

 WE47 – IDOC status maintenance

 WE19 – test tool – Idoc re processing – Idoc troubleshooting

 BD87 – Idoc trouble shooting

 WE02  - Idoc list

 WE05 – Idoc list

 WE09 – Find IDocs in database

 WE11 - Delete idoc

Transaction to Send objects

BD10 Send Material

BD100 IDoc display object channel view

BD101 Consistency check

BD102 Outbound registry

BD102_EOIO Registry Outbound EOIO

BD103 Inbound registry

BD103_EOIO Registry Inbound EOIO

BD104 maintain tbd53

BD105 Maintain Supported Business Objects

BD106_EOIO Activation Order for EOIO Inbound

BD11 Get Material

BD12 Send customer

BD13 Get customer

BD14 Send vendor

BD15 Open vendor

BD16 Send Cost Center

BD17 Get Cost Center

BD18 Send General Ledger Account

BD19 Get General Ledger Account

BD20 IDoc passed to application

BD21 Select change pointer

BD22 Delete Change Pointers

BD23 Delete serialization data

BD24 Send Cost Elements

These tables are used in SAP to store IDocs:

  • The table EDIDC – IDoc control record
  • The table EDID4 – payload of the IDoc
  • The table EDIDS – status records of the IDoc

Outbound IDOC status codes with status description.

  • 01: IDoc generated
  • 02: Error passing data to port (It’s an error status)
  • 03: Data passed to port OK
  • 04: Error within control information of EDI subsystem
  • 05: Error in translation
  • 06: Translation successful.
  • 07: Error on syntax check (It’s an error status)
  • 08: Syntax check successful
  • 09: Error on interchange handling (It’s an error status)
  • 10: Interchange handling successful
  • 11: Error on dispatch (It’s an error status)
  • 12: IDOC Dispatch successful
  • 13: Retransmission successful
  • 14: Interchange Acknowledgement positive
  • 15: Interchange Acknowledgement negative (It’s an error status)
  • 16: Functional Acknowledgement positive
  • 17: Functional Acknowledgement negative (It’s a warning error status)
  • 18: Triggering EDI subsystem successful
  • 19: Data transfer for test successful
  • 20: Error on triggering EDI subsystem (It’s an error status)
  • 21: Error on passing data for test (It’s an error status)
  • 22: Dispatch successful, acknowledgement still due
  • 23: Error on retransmission (It’s an error status)
  • 24: Control information of EDI subsystem successful
  • 25: Processing despite syntax error (It’s a warning error)
  • 26: Error during syntax check of IDoc (It’s an error status)
  • 27: Error in ALE dispatch level (It’s an error status)
  • 29: Error in ALE service (It’s an error status)
  • 30: IDoc is ready for dispatch in ALE service
  • 31: IDOC is marked for deletion.
  • 32: IDoc was edited
  • 33: Original of an IDoc which was edited
  • 34: Error in control record of IDoc (It’s an error status)
  • 35: IDoc reloaded from archive
  • 36: Timeout error on Electronic signature not performed (It’s an error status)
  • 37: IDoc added incorrectly (It’s an error status)
  • 38: IDoc archived
  • 39: Arrival of IDOC in target system confirmed
  • 40: Application document not created in target system (It’s an error status)
  • 41: Application document created in target system

Inbound IDOC status codes with status description.

  • 42: IDoc was created by test transaction
  • 50: IDoc added
  • 51: Application document not posted (It’s an error status)
  • 52: Application document partially posted (It’s an error status)
  • 53: Application document posted successfully.
  • 54: Error during formal application check (It’s an error status)
  • 55: Formal application check successful
  • 56: IDoc with errors added (It’s an error status)
  • 57: Test IDoc: Error during application check (It’s an error status)
  • 60: Syntax error on IDOC (It’s an error status)
  • 61: Processing despite syntax error (It’s a warning error status)
  • 62: IDoc passed to application
  • 63: Error passing IDoc to application (It’s an error status)
  • 64: IDoc ready to be transferred to application
  • 65: Error in ALE service (It’s an error status)
  • 66: IDoc is waiting for predecessor IDoc in serialization process
  • 68: IDOC is marked for deletion.
  • 69: IDoc was edited
  • 70: Original of an IDoc which was edited
  • 71: IDoc reloaded from archive
  • 73: IDoc archived
  • 74: IDoc was created by test transaction

Using the standard report RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUS we can change the status of an IDOC if we require for that. We can reprocess IDocs if we are getting errors.

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